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  • The Black Prince movie download

    The Black Prince 2017 Full Movie Download

    Genre:Drama, History
    Director: Kavi Raz
    Writer: Kavi Raz
    Stars: Satinder Sartaaj,Jason Flemyng, Amanda Root, Alexa Morden
    Runtime: 118 min

    The Black Prince is one of the most awaited movie to be released in 2017,based on the life of last king of Sikh Empire of Punjab, Maharajah Duleep Singh.Role of Maharajah is played by Punjabi singer and actor Satinder Sartaaj. As shown in the film,he is the youngest and only child of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Maharani Jind Kaur. (more…)

  • Alpha 2017 Full Movie Download HD 720p

    Alpha 2017 Full Movie Download HD 720p

    Title: Alpha 2017 Full Movie Download HD 720p
    Genre:Action, Drama, Thriller
    Director: Albert Hughes
    Writers: Albert Hughes, Dan Wiedenhaupt
    Stars: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Natassia Malthe, Leonor Varela
    Country: USA
    Production Co: Studio 8

    Alpha set around 20000 years back.A young boy living with his tribe gets lost while hunting down the bulls.He is the son of the leader of the tribe.He is lost into the deep ice age mountains ruled by the deadly wolfs.He befriended with one of the wolf and starts his journey back home.His journey will make him true warrior. (more…)

  • American Assassin 2017 Full Movie HD Download

    American Assassin 2017 Full Movie HD Download

    American Assassin 2017 Full Movie HD Download
    Genre:Action, Thriller
    Director: Michael Cuesta
    Writers: Vince Flynn, Stephen Schiff
    Stars: Michael Keaton, Dylan O’Brien, Taylor Kitsch
    Country: USA
    Language: English

    Mitch is a guy in his twenties,lost his parents in car accident and girl friend to terrorist attack on a beach. CIA recruits him as a under cover agent to get those behind the attack.Mitch is looking for revenge too and agrees for the offer by CIA.He is sent to become one of the greatest assassin under the leadership of Stan Hurley and when he completes his training he becomes the number one.Working together with other agents,Mitch end up with a deadly organization who is working on starting world war in the middle east. (more…)

  • Toofan Singh 2017 Punjabi Full Movie Download

    Toofan Singh 2017 Punjabi Full Movie Download

    Director: Baghal Singh
    Cast: Ranjit Bawa, Shefali Sharma, Yashpal Sharma
    Written by: Dilbag Singh, Dhiraj Rattan and Surmeet Manvi
    Producer: Dilbag Singh

    Toofan Singh 2017 is latest Punjabi true story based action movie featuring singer turned actor Ranjit Bawa.Ranjit Bawa will play the lead role in the film along with other supporting actors like Shefali Sharma, Gurcharn Virk, Avtar Gill, Sardar Sohi,Yashpal Sharma,Deepraj Rana, Raza Murad and Yaad Grewal. (more…)

  • Dunkirk 2017 Full Movie Download

    Dunkirk 2017 Full Movie Download

    Genre:Action, Drama, History
    Director: Christopher Nolan
    Writer: Christopher Nolan
    Stars: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh

    Dunkirk movie follows the extraction of Allied soldiers of France,Canada,Belgium, and Britain during the world war at the coast of Dunkirk.These soldiers were surrounded by the enemy forces and all routes of extraction were destroyed by the enemy.To save the soldiers,civilian comes to rescue the soldiers on the Dunkirk coast with their boats.Dunkirk war is said to be a turning point in the world war second. (more…)